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Helping children and young adults develop better control of their language, thinking, and learning.


Does your child or teenager struggle with schoolwork? Do they have a hard time making friends because of a language or learning difficulty? Oftentimes children struggle because they lack the proper tools and methods to harness their capacity for learning.

At the Language & Learning Link, we take great pride in helping our students develop better language, reading, writing and goal-attainment skills. We work closely with teachers and parents to understand the specific needs of every student, and then we develop a custom plan to help your child learn and grow.

Many of our students have been diagnosed with a variety of learning difficulties including Dyslexia, ADHD, Autism, Executive Function weakness, and slow processing speed.  Some of our students have not been diagnosed at all, they simply find schoolwork and learning stressful.

Whatever your child’s needs, we can help them to develop the communication,  literacy, and executive function skills they need to achieve success both academically and socially.  And most importantly, we can provide a supportive and nurturing environment for your child to learn, away from the stress and social pressures of a typical classroom.

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The Language & Learning Link offers speech-language therapy, literacy instruction, academic support, and executive function coaching services from the comfort of your home, for the following Boston suburbs: Hamilton, Wenham, Beverly, Beverly Farms, Essex, Manchester-by-the-Sea, and Ipswich. If you live in Massachusetts but outside of our in-home service area, we also offer online teletherapy sessions. Contact us today!


We specialize in language therapy, literacy, and teaching your child how to learn. We utilize  industry best-practices for speech-language pathology and teaching. With our support and careful guidance, students gain success and confidence in their learning.

Language Instruction

Developing a foundation for communication, knowledge, and learning.

Literacy Instruction

Building a clear understanding of the patterns within the English writing system.

Executive Function and Academic Coaching

Learning how to learn.

Consultation Services

Parent Coaching
and Support

Meet the Founder

Anya Maloney, M.S., CCC-SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist, Literacy Specialist, and Executive Function Coach

Anya has over 15 years of experience working in private clinic and hospital settings as well as public and charter schools. She has professional expertise in the link between spoken language skills, literacy skills, executive function skills, and academic success. She has extensive training in the evaluation and remediation of language disorders, disorders of reading and written language, and academic challenges associated with Dyslexia, ADHD, Nonverbal Learning Disabilities, Anxiety, and High Functioning Autism.

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The Language & Learning Link

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Speech-language therapy, literacy instruction, academic support, and executive function coaching services are provided in the comfort of your home in the following towns North of Boston: Hamilton, Wenham, Beverly, Beverly Farms, Essex, Ipswich, Manchester-by-the-Sea, Danvers. Online teletherapy services are also available for Massachusetts residents outside of our service area.

Providing academic support & tutoring for families in Hamilton, Wenham, Beverly, Essex, Ipswich, Manchester-by-the-Sea, Danvers and surrounding areas.
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